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September Member of the Month


Margarita Perales

Margarita Perales is a Silver Sneaker member* has been participating in the Redlands Fitness for Life program since 2009. She diligently comes to the gym every day after completing her job as a teacher's aide. It was four years later that Margarita decided to get serious. "Enough is Enough" stated Margarita as she weighed in at 198lbs on December 2, 2013. We assessed Margarita's body fat at 41%. Ms. Perales had a focus to her fitness and challenged herself to push a little harder and go a little longer on the elliptical. Six months later, Margarita hit a plateau and decided to change her routine. Fortunately, the pool was the perfect cross training environment and she went swimming daily for six weeks this summer. Margarita is now balancing the gym and the pool with great results. August 18th, 2014 we did another evaluation and she weighed in at 181lbs and 33% body fat. The "focused" fitness plan produced a 17lbs weight loss and 8% reduction in body fat.