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The Redlands Community College Faculty Association (Association) Innovation Award is an opportunity for members of the Association to expand their courses/programs for the enrichment of student learning.  The award is intended to provide the opportunity to evaluate new teaching methods, tools, or to provide academic professional development with the goal of demonstrating value added to the general program for continued funding by the department.

Any paid member of the Association, both full-time and adjunct professors, may submit a proposal for the Innovation Award.

Award Types:
The Association allocates $500 per year for the Innovation Award.  Applicants may submit proposals with a total cost up to $500.  If several proposals requiring less funding are considered worthy, more than one award may be made.  Awards may be made to the individual or to the department earmarked for specific use by the faculty member. 

Examples of award proposals include:

  • Kits to implement new laboratory techniques
  • Books, pamphlets for introducing new concepts
  • Online subscription to a website to provide creative resources for students
  • Software to provide improve or enhance teaching of specific subject matter
  • Attendance to a workshop or conference to update or learn new subject matter or teaching approaches
  • Other ideas will be considered


Proposal format
Consistent with the purpose of the Association Innovation Award to test creative ideas, proposals should be brief but clearly describe the potential value to the program and students.  Applicants should submit proposals with the following information:

  • Name
  • Program affiliation and title
  • Telephone number and email address
  • Funding amount being requested
  • Description of project proposal (500 words or less)
    • Rationale for the idea
    • Pedagogical problem(s) or issues addressed
    • Estimate of impact on course and the number of students
    • Duration of project
    • Supporting documentation (as appropriate)


Proposal Evaluation Criteria
Proposals will be evaluated by an non-Redlands committee as determined by Program Chairperson and ranked according to:

  • Creativity, significance to program goals
  • Enhancement of the academic quality of the course/program
  • Opportunity of project to become integrated into course/program
  • Opportunity of project to be disseminated to students


Deadline for proposal submission: Third Friday of March, 5:00 p.m.
Award announcement: April Faculty Assn. Meeting
Deliver proposal to Professor Mike Tabor, Program Chairperson


Project Summary
At the completion of the project (or the following academic year if more appropriate), recipients are required to provide to the Faculty Association a brief critical evaluation of the project, suggested improvements, and opportunity for continued support by the department.