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The process of accreditation is conducted through both a thorough institutional Self-Study Process and an external review of overall quality assurance by an accrediting agency which will verify the quality and integrity of our educational programs. We will undergo a site visit in February, 2011 by a team from the HLC which will review our published Self-Study Report and conduct an onsite evaluation of all aspects of the college.

Redlands Community College is currently accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), a division of the North Central Association of colleges and schools. ( This is one of six regional accrediting organizations. Or last accreditation visit was in 1991. Once accreditation of an institution has taken place, that accreditation is valid for a ten year period. So; we now find ourselves readying for the 2011 accreditation process.

Accreditation is important to Redlands Community College in that it validates our overall institutional quality, our integrity, and ensures that we are doing those things that we are supposed to do in order to make your higher education experience a great one. The overall process itself also promotes an internal institutional examination through the Self-Study and our commitment to continuous improvement. Regional accreditation by the HLC is also required in order for the college to continue to be able to participate in federal financial aid programs.

Continued accreditation is also important to us, and to our students, because earning a degree or taking classes at an accredited institution means that our degrees and courses are accepted by other colleges and universities. Accreditation also allows students to be eligible for other institution's scholarships upon transfer.