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The Princess Bride

By William Goldman

After learning that her wayward true love, Westley, will never return for her, beautiful, brokenhearted Buttercup agrees to marry entirely undeserving Prince Humperdinck. But before the wedding festivities can commence, Buttercup is kidnapped and whisked away in a boat, her life in the hands of a vicious gang.

Thus begins an edge-of-your-seat adventure involving a six-fingered killer, a royal fiend, a misunderstood giant, a vengeful Spaniard, a retired miracle worker, and the mysterious masked man in black. Toss in a desperate race up the Cliffs of Insanity, wild swordfights, hungry rodents of unusual size, screaming eels, and even more trouble, and it's hard not to believe that the young maiden is doomed.

Will Buttercup survive her increasingly perilous circumstances to find true love again?

Suggested by: Christine
Learning Resource Center Director

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