Michael Earl Croy Memorial Scholarship for Nursing

Awarded to an adult nursing student who has completed certain criteria in the Redlands nursing program. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Croy, Yukon, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Croy, Binger, and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Warren, El Reno, are the donors of the scholarship.

 Must have completed NURS 1116: Fundamentals of Nursing at Redlands with a C or higher and be enrolled in NURS 1224: Adult Health for the spring semester - submit essay (up to 750 words) stating why nursing has been chosen as a career goal. 

The following guidelines have been established to qualify for the Michael Earl Croy Memorial Scholarship:

  • Applicant must have completed first semester of nursing school at Redlands Community College with a C or higher grade and be enrolled in second semester of nursing school for the semester in which the scholarship is presented.
  • Evidence of participation in campus and civic activities, leadership positions, organizational membership, awards and other honors will be used as additional selection criteria.
  • Applicants will submit, with the application, an essay (up to 750 words) stating why nursing was chosen as a career goal, past events which have contributed to the goal, current progress toward meeting the goal and future plans.
  • Financial need for the scholarship will be considered.
  • The scholarship is to be used during the academic year immediately following selection (excluding the summer term); one-half of the award to be applied to fall semester expenses and one-half to spring semester expenses. The scholarship must be applied toward tuition, housing books and fees or any other expenses which incur at Redlands Community College and are identified in the current on the website, “Expenditures for Nursing Students.” Any unused funds will be returned to the Michael Earl Croy Scholarship Fund, administered by the Redlands Community College Foundation, if the recipient fails to enroll or withdraws.
  • This scholarship is funded on an annual basis. Funding is contingent upon availability of funds and the applicant maintaining a student in good standing status.
  • Application Deadline:  May 31