Concurrent Enrollment Assistance Offered for High School Students, Parents

Classes start next month, but it’s not too late for high school junior and seniors to get a jumpstart on earning college credit by taking concurrent courses, and Redlands Community College is helping students and their parents better understand the program by hosting a Concurrent Parent Night and student orientation sessions.

Parents interested in learning how their high school students can benefit from and register for concurrent enrollment courses are invited to attend an information session at Redlands Community College from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. July 28. High school juniors and seniors who are enrolled in concurrent classes can participate in virtual orientation sessions. These events are scheduled for August 9 at 9:30 a.m. or August 11 at 1 p.m.

“Redlands has been providing concurrent enrollment for nearly 40 years, and we’ve been able to adapt our courses to meet the changing needs of high school students,” said Tricia Hobson, executive director of Student Services at Redlands. “With on-campus, online and hybrid classes, high school students can arrange their classes to fit their busy schedules. And with tuition-free classes, taking one concurrent course at Redlands may cost a family less than $100 because our fees are low and many of the instructors for classes such as English Comp and U.S. History use free eTextbooks.”

Concurrent classes are open to any eligible high school junior or senior who meets the admission requirements for the program. Students can earn up to 27 credit hours tuition free through Redlands Community College’s concurrent enrollment program. Both eight-week and 16-week courses are offered online or via Zoom, as well as on high school campuses or on the college’s El Reno campus.

“A high school graduate who earns the maximum number of concurrent course credit will only need at least another 33 credit hours to earn an associate degree,” said Hobson. “We have several students who are then able to earn a bachelor’s degree in two to three years, which is a significant cost savings.”

An additional cost savings is the course materials needed. The cost of textbooks can be overwhelming, but at Redlands, many general education classes use Open Educational Resources.
During the Concurrent Parent Night, Redlands staff will share information about the program and financial aid opportunities. To help students with concurrent enrollment and classes, Redlands is hosting an orientation session that will provide information about college resources, financial aid, the Business Office, and online services that all students use.

Redlands Community College President Jack Bryant enjoys seeing these students, whose first experience with higher education was with Redlands, use that foundation to pursue careers and additional undergraduate and graduate degrees. Many of these high school students are able to participate in hands-on research, develop service learning projects and earn credit through the Honors program.
With the option of taking classes online or via Zoom, students have the flexibility to enroll in a format that fits their schedule. Advisors work directly with counselors to enroll students in the courses taught by master- and Ph.D.-level instructors.

Concurrent Parent Night will be held in the Redlands Conference Center, and parents interested in attending should register online at All concurrent students must register online for one of the virtual orientation sessions at For more information about concurrent enrollment, please contact the Admissions and Advising Office at 405-422-1417 or