Enrollment Increase Continues at Redlands Community College

After a historic Fall enrollment, Redlands Community College is experiencing continued growth during the Spring semester with an 11.3% increase in total enrollment.

“We are thrilled to see our enrollment numbers on the rise, but more importantly, we are excited to be a part of more students’ educational journey” said Redlands President Jena Marr. “The dedication of Redlands faculty and staff is evident in our level of student success and enrollment. Not only is our advising team providing outstanding personalized assistance to current, concurrent and prospective students alike, but our student support programs continuously evolve to cater to the changing needs of students, offering invaluable academic and personal assistance.”

The college leverages more than $2 million in federal funding each year to administer student support programs dedicated to providing technology assistance, mental health and wellness resources, tutoring and other means of academic support.

“We recognize the critical importance of offering a diverse range of student support programs,” said Annie Pearson, vice president of Academic Affairs. “These programs not only complement our academic offerings but also play a pivotal role in ensuring that every student has the resources and assistance they need to thrive. By providing comprehensive support services, we empower our students to overcome challenges, achieve their goals, and ultimately succeed in their academic and personal endeavors.”

In addition to the on-campus resources the college provides, Redlands faculty and staff provide critical support and learning opportunities to high school students who are getting a jumpstart on their college education. A leading provider of concurrent enrollment to high school students for more than 30 years, Redlands offers college classes tuition free to high school juniors and seniors, so the only expense is fees or textbooks. And as an additional cost-saving measure, many of the general education courses at Redlands use free e-textbooks. Students in numerous school districts are being instructed either online or on the Redlands campus, ensuring flexibility and convenience in learning environments.

The second session of eight-week classes begins March 11. Contact the Admissions and Advising office at 405.422.1417 or email Admissions@redlandscc.edu to enroll. The schedule of classes is available online