LPN-to-RN Course Track Added

Redlands Community College is doing its part to put more qualified nurses in the community. The college recently added a new course track for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) enrolled in the Registered Nurse (RN) program. The new track allows LPN students to skip the basics and start learning at a higher level from day one. 

Previously, LPN students were admitted to the existing nursing class, which means they would be taking classes with beginning nursing students. Redlands Nursing Director Jalelah Abdul-Raheem, Ph.D., recognized a need to place these students in courses that match their level of education. She noticed an increase in LPN-to-RN applicants and knew it was time to create a separate track tailored for them.

Abdul-Raheem took her concerns to Chief Academic Officer Rose Marie Moore who was able to get an additional nursing faculty member hired. This allowed the nursing department to create the new cohort.

“We can now provide classroom instruction and deliver content in a different way since they are on a different level. For the entire nursing program, we have revised the syllabi to make sure objectives are in line with student outcomes and that they are getting what they need,” Abdul-Raheem said. 

Although the cohort just began in January 2019, the staff has already noticed positive results.

“One advantage of the new cohort is that instructors are able to review basic curriculum quickly because the students have already practiced their skills and understand the information,” Abdul-Raheem said. “Additionally, students can network with a group of their peers and have deeper discussions to help them get the most out of class.”

Students who are enrolled in the new LPN-to-RN cohort will be able to earn advanced placement or articulation credits in the first semester, allowing them to graduate in three semesters instead of four. This helps get them out of the classroom and into the community where they can do the most good.

Besides the new cohort, Redlands Community College is a solid choice for students because of the personal attention and opportunities it provides. 

“At Redlands, everyone is friendly and the faculty is excited to be part of students’ lives. We also offer a lot of opportunities to help students learn skills that will help them in their future careers,” said Abdul-Raheem. 
Moore echoed her sentiments adding, “We are extremely excited to be able to partner with our career techs and institutions to give students seamless education. They can go straight into the RN program, earn their associate degree and then continue on with education if they choose, or go into the workforce.”

Redlands admits students into the LPN to RN track once a year in December and the beginning nursing student track once a year in August. Qualified applicants who are interested in the LPN-to-RN track can learn more at www.redlands.edu or by calling (405) 422-6224.