Redlands, UCO Establish Transfer Student Partnership

The University of Central Oklahoma and Redlands Community College now have a transfer agreement that provides Redlands students with a seamless transfer experience to Central. The institutions celebrated the partnership with a signing ceremony at Central, Sept. 30.

“This transfer agreement provides a seamless pathway for Redlands students to become Central Bronchos after earning their associate degree,” said Patti Neuhold-Ravikumar, UCO president. “Partnerships like this help break down barriers for those who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree.”

Through the partnership, Redlands students will have the opportunity to access various resources provided by Central, which will facilitate a smooth transition to the university, allowing students to obtain a bachelor’s degree. 

Additionally, Central will create academic pathways for Redlands' top transfer majors. These academic pathways are created for student use and outline a clear path from Redlands to Central, which creates a simplified transfer experience and allows students the opportunity to begin quickly and easily pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

"Redlands staff has been diligently ensuring that our courses are easily transferrable,” said Jack Bryant, Redlands president. “We are excited to solidify this partnership, which will encourage students to expand their academic credentials by including an associate degree and providing a smoother path to a bachelor's degree.”

The agreement also includes dedicated on-site and virtual support personnel for Redlands students to facilitate the transfer process and build relationships with students, co-advising opportunities for UCO and Redlands advisers and co-programming opportunities to connect Redlands and UCO students.