Scholarships Available to New Students

Most scholarship application deadlines were earlier in the Spring, prior to the announcement of changes to the type of delivery instruction at many institutions. As a result, students who are now considering other higher education alternatives missed out on the opportunity to secure much-needed financial aid. With the unprecedented challenges facing today’s college students, the Redlands Community College Foundation Board approved a special scholarship for new students this Fall.

The 2020-2021 Redlands Community College Foundation Scholarship will be awarded to full-time students who have not previously attended Redlands. However, high school graduates who were previously enrolled as concurrent students are eligible to apply. The application for tuition waivers is still available, and all students are welcome to apply.

Recipients of the Foundation’s scholarship will have the option of renewing the award for the following year if they remain in good standing. The application for this $1,000 scholarship is online along with the college’s tuition waiver application. Tuition waiver scholarships range from $250 to $1,000 for each academic year. 

“There are so many unknowns as we continue to move cautiously forward, but we appreciate the Foundation’s efforts to relieve the financial concerns of students seeking other educational options,” said Redlands President Jack Bryant.

The foundation’s general scholarship period usually ends in the Spring. However, the board established this scholarship for the 2020-2021 academic year for students whose plans have changed due to concerns about the availability of live classes at other institutions, a desire to continue college close to home or a need to find a more affordable option. 

The deadline to submit an application for the 2020-2021 Foundation Scholarship is June 30. Students can apply year-round for tuition waivers, and selection is based on availability of funds. To apply for the scholarship or a tuition waiver, visit