Sheriff's Deputy to Provide Campus Security

Redlands Community College is entering into a new partnership with the Canadian County Sheriff's Office to enhance campus safety. Under this agreement, the Sheriff's Office will provide a commissioned deputy to serve on campus as the School Resource Deputy.

“Ensuring the safety of our students and employees is a priority. This partnership with the sheriff’s department is a significant step forward in strengthening our campus security,” said Jena Marr, president of Redlands Community College. “Having a dedicated School Resource Deputy will not only enhance safety but also provide valuable resources and support to our community.”

The commissioned deputy will be present on campus to support safety measures, foster a secure learning environment, and build positive relationships within the college community. Redlands will continue to contract with a professional security company to ensure comprehensive coverage during times when the deputy is not on duty.

Sheriff Chris West expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are honored to collaborate with Redlands in this vital role. The presence of a School Resource Deputy on campus will boost security and create a safer educational environment. We look forward to working closely with the college to ensure the safety and success of its students and staff.”

The School Resource Deputy will perform various duties, including patrolling the main campus and agriculture education sites, engaging with students and staff, and conducting threat and risk assessments. This proactive approach aims to prevent incidents before they occur and to provide immediate response when needed.

Redlands Community College and the Canadian County Sheriff's Office are committed to fostering a safe, secure and supportive campus atmosphere. This new agreement is a testament to our ongoing dedication to the community and to the well-being of everyone at Redlands.