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Our Partnership and Our Programs

Redlands Community College has partnered with the Center for Transportation Safety, one of the largest providers of driver training and driver safety services for the energy industry.  We understand the needs of the industry and have responded with focused driver safety training that is delivered at our campus in El Reno, OK or at our client's facilities across the energy producing regions.  CTS currently has training teams in Colorado, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming.

With a fleet of over 50 heavy duty training vehicles, 4 full freedom driving simulators, Redlands Community College and the Center for Transportation Safety are ready to meet your company's training needs.  There are 60 instructors dedicated to commercial truck training with the balance being involved in light duty vehicles.

CTS draws heavily from a dedicated team of current and retired Law Enforcement Officers and experienced  Commercial Drivers to deliver a wide spectrum of courses, both classroom and behind-the-wheel.

Some of the services available include:

In addition to driver training and driver safety services, CTS provides employee recruiting and placement services.  CTS has located, recruited and trained over 1000 energy service employees since 2008.

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