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Our S.U.N. program focuses on providing student-led opportunities for networking and building a campus and community system of support to achieve the mental, emotional, and technical well-being of our students.

• Peer mentoring of students
• Cultural enrichment opportunities for students
• Native American Student Organization
• Campus services referrals
• Community services referrals

Mission: The mission of the S.U. N. Program is to enhance student involvement by bridging the gap between wherever the student may be and wherever the student may choose to go academically, professionally, or spiritually while on their journey at Redlands Community College or beyond.

S.U.N Program Links

ANBI in Your Community

Tribal Scholarship Links

Peer Mentoring of Students

Cultural Enrichment Opportunities for Students

Tribal Colleges Across the U.S.

Native American Student Organization

Campus Services Referrals

Community Service Referrals:

Youth and Family Services

Boys and Girls Club

Salvation Army