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TRiO Student Support Services

Office S105A

Student Support Services is a federally funded TRiO program.

SSS is here to answer your questions. SSS provides tutoring, college survival course work, transfer assistance and vocational counseling - - all free of charge - - all designed to make your time at Redlands Community College a positive and productive experience.

If your skills in test-taking and studying aren't where they need to be, the SSS staff has developed creative and innovative methods to get you on target in academics. SSS offers workshops, tutoring and developmental courses throughout each semester on a variety of topics which can help you succeed in the classroom.

If you're in a quandary about what your next step should be--asking yourself. . .What should I take this semester? Can I make this schedule work for me? Should I transfer now or get my associate's degree? Should I continue my education at a four-year school? The SSS staff can guide you into making the decision best for you. Trained, skilled professionals are available to counsel you on these critical questions.

The program is available to eligible students who are first generation, low income, or have a disability.

Download the application form.

Attach a copy of your most current filed income tax return to your complete application form.

Turn into the Student Support Services Office, S105A.

Program Benefits

Academic Advisement & Enrollment

Developmental Math & College Level Math Courses

Professional Tutoring

Career Counseling

Financial Aid Counseling

Special Workshops & Seminars

Transfer Assistance

Cultural Events & Activities