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Sign Up For Our Interest-Fee Payment 
 12 credit hours your payment could be as low as $233.00 per month for 6 months


Two payment plan options:

FACTS Standard - Students who receive no financial aid and must pay the entire balance of their education costs may sign up for a monthly payment plan for a $25 service fee for each semester of the plan. The amount of the monthly payments is determined by the date the student signs up for the payment plan and the total cost of the student's bill. The total cost is divided by the number of months available in which to make payments after enrollment in the plan.

FACTS Pending Aid - Any student who is eligible to receive financial aid or plans to apply for financial aid may sign up for a deferred monthly payment plan, which includes a $25 service fee for each semester of the plan. After the award date, the Pending Aid Plan Software interfaces with the College's student account software to determine if the student has any remaining balance after all financial aid is applied. That balance is divided into two equal payments. The student is then notified that they have a specific number of days in which to contact the Business Office and pay their balance or the payments will begin to be automatically withdrawn from their account beginning the next month. The $25 service fee is charged at the same time as the first of the two payments is withdrawn. If the student has no remaining balance after financial aid is applied to the account, then no service fee is charge and no payment withdrawals are made.


Set up a FACTS payment plan - standard or pending aid options - online by the last day of the add/drop period.

EXCEPTION: Cougar Crossing Student Housing must be set up BEFORE the student will be allowed to move in.

  • FACTS STANDARD ADVANTAGE - If you set it up early, your total bill is divided into more and smaller monthly payments; no late fees or other charges are assessed if you have sufficient money in your bank account or on your credit card to cover each monthly payment.
  • FACTS PENDING ADVANTAGE - You will not be charged late fees and penalties if you have not received your financial aid award by the last day of the add/drop period or if your financial aid award is not sufficient to cover all of your charges.