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Voices of the Chisholm Trail
Selected Video Resources


The Chisholm Trail. 1998. Duncan, OK: The McCasland Foundation. DVD [19 min.].

The Chisholm Trail Heritage Center: Making History with the Arts. 2008. Duncan, OK: The Chisholm Trail Heritage Center. DVD [6 min].

Cowboys of the Americas with Michael Martin Murphey. 1993. Warner Bro. VHS [83 min. approx.].

Head ‘Em to Kansas. 2009. Oklahoma Centennial Chisholm Trail Cattle Drive Association. DVD [full running time of 55:25 minutes but divided into 17 sections]. Inquiries: 580-532-6276 or

The Real Cowboy: Portrait of an American Icon. 1996. History Channel/A&E Television Networks. VHS [100 min. total, approx. 25 min. covers cattle drives].

The Wild West: Cowboys. 1992. Time-Life Video. VHS [45 min. approx.].


Feature Films

The Cowboys [starring John Wayne, Roscoe Lee Brown & Bruce Dern]. 1972.

Lonesome Dove [based on novel by Larry McMurtry]. 1988.

Red River [starring John Wayne & Montgomery Clift]. 1948.


Youtube Videos

Chisholm Trail Cattle Drive. Posted September 30, 2007. Video of re-enactment celebrating Oklahoma's 100th year of statehood.

Chisholm Trail. Posted August 9, 2008 by Enid News. Boy Scout Troop 446 from Sunnyvale, CA rides the Chisholm Trail near Hennessey, Oklahoma.

Jesse Chisholm - Indian trader, guide and interpreter. Posted December 3, 2006. Video viewing of Jesse Chisholm's gravesite.

Great American Cattle Drive. Posted January 3, 2007 by Michael Martin Murphey. Slide show of the Great American Cattle Drive, Ellsworth, Kansas, 2006.