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Developmental English and Reading

Students enrolling at Redlands Community College who have not taken the ACT or students who score less than 19 in the reading or English subject area of the ACT are required to take a placement test prior to enrollment.  The placement test is given in the Testing Center.


Developmental Reading

The placement test is an untimed exam that measures a student's reading abilities.  Since all academic areas require some reading skill, it is important for a student to begin his studies at the appropriate level.

RCC offers two developmental reading courses to help prepare students for college level reading.

Com 0123 Reading Improvement

This course is an opportunity for college students to improve their reading skills through a highly-individualized program of study.  The importance of vocabulary/comprehension and/or rate of reading is stressed.

Com 0133 Basic College Reading

This course provides an individualized, reading skills program with application of acquired skills to practical solutions.  Emphasis is on a study-reading method applied to content study areas.


Developmental English

The placement test is an untimed computerized exam that measures a student's English abilities.   Since writing proficiency is essential to college success, it is important for a student to know and use the elements of grammar and organization in writing.

RCC offers two developmental English courses to help prepare students for college writing.

Engl 0123 Fundamentals of English

Students will review and apply the basic rules of sentence elements, sentence structure, punctuation and organization.

Engl 0133 Basic College Writing

Students will learn and practice the writing process, from generating ideas, to planning and focusing, to drafting and revising.  It will also review and practice the mechanical and grammatical skills necessary for writing proficiency.