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The Silver Sneakers Program

Redlands Community College has an association with the Silver Sneakers Program, which helps seniors maintain physical fitness.

Bring your SilverSneakers Member ID card to Fitness for Life between 8AM and 4PM, Monday-Friday.

Silver Sneakers Events

No SilverSneakers card?
Bring your health plan ID card.

Sign up at and gain access to a comprehensive, easy-to use wellness resource including:

  • nutrition, fitness and health improvement plans and trackers
  • health-related articles and recipes
  • virtual exercise video demonstrations
  • streaming video of SilverSneakers classes
  • advice from experts in exercise, nutrition and life skills, and much more!

Some of the events and activities involved with Silver Sneakers and the membership include:

  • Instructor-led Exercise: Tues and Thurs 10:00- 11:00 am; Instructor led classes include the use of chairs, balls, hand weights, and strength bands, energizing and upbeat music with lots of laughs.
  • Walk and Talk (talking optional): Mon. Wed. and Fri. 10:00 am
  • Outings and Get-togethers: Fun events scheduled throughout the year.
  • Personal Training for strength and water exercises are available upon request.
Silver Sneakers Events

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