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Advanced Standing Exam

Advanced Standing Exam

The Advanced Standing Examinations are developed by academic departments on the Redlands Community College Campus for students who have been admitted to Redlands. Upon satisfactory completion of an exam, you are awarded credit for the course.

Below is a list of current Advanced Standing Examinations:

CMSC 1223:  Business Applications Software  ACCT 1073: College Accounting     

Contact the Testing Center at 405.422.6274 for more details.

Dantes Subject Standardized Tests (DSST)


The Defense Activity for Not-Traditional Educational Support - DANTES or DSST is a credit-by-examination program, similar to CLEP.

DSST tests are given in the Testing Center and are computerized exams.

Make-up Exams - Guidelines For Students

The Testing Center strives to achieve the optimal testing environment possible given the resources available.  We ask that students assist us in this effort by cooperating with and adhering to the following guidelines:

Make-up Exams

Redlands Community College students may take make up exams in the Testing Center. These tests are arranged with the individual faculty member.  Students must bring their own pencil, pen, and calculator (if allowed).  The student must know the course and instructor's name for the exam to be taken.  A VALID PHOTO ID IS REQUIRED.

Please read the Guidelines for Students.

ACE Main Page

Rules and Regulations

(All students must abide by the rules of the Redlands Testing Center)

Becoming A Tutor

Tutor Job Description

Tutors report directly to the Assessment and Assistance Coordinator.  They also work closely with students and instructors.  Tutors generally work with one student at a time, but may work with a small group.

ADA Services

Students with disabilities who need accommodations are encouraged to discuss their needs with RCC's ADA coordinator.  Bill Baker, Vice President of Academics, serves at RCC's ADA coordinator.  Mr. Baker's office is located in N-101 and he can be reached at 405.422.1282.

Transfer of Credit from Other Institutions

Semester credit hours earned at another college may be applied toward a degree or certificate program at Redlands Community College. The credit must have been earned from colleges and universities accredited by the HLC or other regional associations.

The Registrar's Office will make the determination of acceptance of any course to be accepted for transfer to RCC.  Credit will be evaluated from each individual college transcript. The number of credit hours to be accepted and the applicability of such evaluated credit will also be determined at that time.

Student Activities

At Redlands, we believe in developing the whole student, not only in the classroom, but also through student activities.  Each year, numerous activities are planned for students.  Following is a list of some of the recent activities hosted for students at Redlands. 


Library Mission

Our mission is to support the educational goals of Redlands students, faculty and staff with appropriate services, materials, and facilities.

Redlands Library Staff