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Chisholm Trail Other Resources

Voices of the Chisholm Trail
Other Resources


Franks, Kenny A. 1990. Oklahoma Farm and Ranch History Map. Oklahoma City, OK: Oklahoma Heritage Assoc.

Oklahoma! The Indian and the Cowboy, Oklahoma City, OK: Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Dept.

Oklahoma's Historic Chisholm Trail, Oklahoma City, OK: Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Dept.


Chisholm Trail Native American Books

Selected Books - Native American


Capps, Benjamin. 1973. The Indians. Time-Life Books.

Carlson, Paul H. 1998. The Plains Indians. Texas A & M Univ. Press.

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Her Many Horses, Emil. 2007. Identity by design: tradition, change, and celebration in Native women's dresses. New York: Collins in association with the National
Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution.

Chisholm Trail Land Books

Selected Books - The Land and The Military

The Land

Blevins, Winifred. 1993. Dictionary of the American West. New York: Facts on File.

Brown, Dee. 1994. The American West. New York: Simon & Schuster.

Corey, Linda. 1984. Cattle Towns. Kansas Historical Society. [A Kansas History
Resource Packet for Elementary and Secondary Schools.]

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Chisholm Trail Childrens Books

Selected Books - Children's Books

Garland, Sherry. 2006. The Buffalo Soldier. Gretna, LA: Pelican Publ. Co.

Kalman, Bobbie. 1999. Life on the trail. New York: Crabtree Publ. Co.

Myers, Walter Dean. 1999. The Journal of Joshua Loper: a Black Cowboy. Scholastic, Inc.

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Chisholm Trail Videos

Voices of the Chisholm Trail
Selected Video Resources


The Chisholm Trail. 1998. Duncan, OK: The McCasland Foundation. DVD [19 min.].

The Chisholm Trail Heritage Center: Making History with the Arts. 2008. Duncan, OK: The Chisholm Trail Heritage Center. DVD [6 min].

Cowboys of the Americas with Michael Martin Murphey. 1993. Warner Bro. VHS [83 min. approx.].

Chisholm Trail Websites

Voices of the Chisholm Trail
Selected Web Resources


Along the Chisholm Trail

"Beef moves to Nebraska." Lesson plan, Nebraska Dept. of Education and Nebraska State Historical Society. entries:

Voices of the Chisholm Trail

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