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Survival Instructor Background

Dr. Gilmartin is a behavioral sciences and management consultant specializing in the law enforcement and public safety areas. He formerly spent twenty years in law enforcement in Tucson, Arizona. During his tenure, he supervised the Behavioral Sciences Unit and the Hostage Negotiations Team.

Survival Overview

During the seminar, participants will:

Define the challenges inherent in a Criminal Justice career and their impact

Establish concepts of Locus of Control - Internal vs. External

Review of the concept of Vigilance

Establish Over-Investment and Under-Investment profiles

Establish the differences between Survivors and Victims

Recognize the impact of Non-Survivorship on Criminal Justice Integrity

Survival Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend?

Law Enforcement Professionals

Instructors in Crimnal Justice Programs

Law Enforcement Training Professionals

Counselors working in Law Enforcment

Counselors working with the families of Law Enforcement

CLEET CE: 7 hours

CLEET Mental Health: 2 hours

LPC/LMFT: 7 hours

Emotional Survival

Due to unforeseen circumstances this seminar has been canceled.

Redlands apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused. 


Zumba Instructor


Kacey Kinsey
Certified Zumba Instructor

Kacey Kinsey teaches the 5:30pm Zumba class scheduled to start Tuesday, March 22, in room N-112.  She is currently employed at Darlington Public School as a Teaching Assistant while taking evening classes at Redlands toward her Elementary Education degree.  Join Kacey for a great Zumba workout and get in shape for summer! 

CLEET online registration

From the CLEET main page, choose CLEET Training from the menu on the left side of the screen.  Then, select Continuing Education User Login-CE Course from the drop-down box. 

Click on the green User Login - CE Courses to register.

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Shannon Chelf Bio



Shannon Chelf

Criminal Interdiction Specialist
US Department of Transportation

Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement Criminal Interdiction team (retired)

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