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Zumba Instructor


Kacey Kinsey
Certified Zumba Instructor

Kacey Kinsey teaches the 5:30pm Zumba class scheduled to start Tuesday, March 22, in room N-112.  She is currently employed at Darlington Public School as a Teaching Assistant while taking evening classes at Redlands toward her Elementary Education degree.  Join Kacey for a great Zumba workout and get in shape for summer! 

Career Certificate


A three month to one-year program with concentration within a prescribed field of study.

These certificate programs have additional information under federal Gainful Employment disclosures.

Associate Applied Science

Designed for students who want to get right into the workforce.

A two-year program, it gives students a minimum general education background and a specialization in a selected technical program. Upon completion some, not all, of your classes may be transferable to a four-year institution.

Athletic Personal Trainer

Athletic Personal Trainer


Online Enrollment Guide

REMINDER: We ask that you first obtain a degree audit to ensure you select the right classes. A degree audit can be obtained through my.REDLANDScc from the Degree Audit portlet on your dashboard or from the Registrar's Office. If you have never had a degree audit please contact the Registrar's Office first.

AIMS Acadmic Advisor

 AIMS Acadmic Advisor

Daniel French
AIMS Academic Advisor

Office Number: 405-422-1421
Office Location:  S-107

CD Adjunct Valeri Evans

Scholar Coordinator

Valeri Evans

CD Adjunct Susan Lively

Scholar Coordinator

Susan Lively