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Golf Recruitment

If you are interested in becoming part of the RCC Golf Team, complete this form and email to RCC's Head Women's Golf Coach You will be contacted as soon as possible.

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Basketball Camp

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The 2008 camp was rated one of the top exposure camps in the country, click here for details.  Last year's event brought players from all over the country and brought coaches from as far away as Canada, Jamaica, Africa, and London.  The top recruiting services in the United States were in attendance.

Baseball Facilities

Check back to see photos of some of the best facilties in the country!

Newest Cougars

We are pleased to announce the signing of our newest RCC Baseballers!

Jordan Corn -- Yukon High School
Dan Edwards -- Verden High School
Tylor Lee -- Chickasha High School
Nathan Lucas -- Yukon High School
Heath Wilda -- Chickasha High School
Jared Wright -- Putnam City High School
Chance Beck -- Vici High School
Petr Zyma -- Prague, Czech Republic
Chris Lane -- Melbourne, Australia
Jeff Lucero -- West Mesa High School
Ryan Meek -- Arnprior, Canada
Adam Iago -- Newcastle High School

Baseball Former Cougars

We're proud of our former Cougars!  The following students have gone on to play ball at these locations: