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Kids College Staff Scholarship

Guidelines for RCC Staff Kids College Scholarships

Recognizing the benefit of Kids College to our full-time & part-time employees, this scholarship fund is established to assist RCC full-time and part-time employees with contract salaries less than $45,000.00 per year.

Innovation Award Program

The Redlands Community College Faculty Association (Association) Innovation Award is an opportunity for members of the Association to expand their courses/programs for the enrichment of student learning.  The award is intended to provide the opportunity to evaluate new teaching methods, tools, or to provide academic professional development with the goal of demonstrating value added to the general program for continued funding by the department.


Adjuct Service Award Recipents

Eischen, James J.

Caster, James
Crane, Virginia
Golbek, Dana
Hau, Gregory
Jenkins, Owen
Johnson, A.J.
Simon, Paul
Twyan, Nita
Wetzel, Ivy 

Ray Porter Scholarship Recipents

Faculty Association By Laws

Faculty Association By-Laws


Acad. Year Year Awarded Porter Scholarship Recipients
2012-2013 2012 Morgan Roberts
2011-2012 2011 Elizabeth Maddox
2010-2011 2010 Candace Baker