FAQ for HOPE 1098T

Steps for how to consent to electronic delivery of tax information
  1. While you are here on www.redlandscc.edu, you should always see a link near the top right you can click on for for “Go Redlands”. (Open this in a new window to keep these instructions available)
  2. Enter your Redlands username and password there, in the appropriate sections.  This is the same username and password you use to access your Redlands email.  The security questions answers and measures, if you are asked by the system, are the same ones you selected when you originally logged in to Go Redlands.
  3. Click on the tile for Self-Service:
    Screenshot of self service tile

  4. Once in Self-Service, select the widget for Tax Information:
    Screenshot of tax widget

  5. To consent to electronic delivery of your 1098T tax form, click the bullet for “Receive my 1098 only in electronic format” and click the Save button to save your consent selection.  See highlighted example below.  If you previously consented to electronic delivery in Self-Service, there is no need to complete the process again, as it remains in place until revoked and you are still eligible for the drawing. Once in Self-Service, select the widget for Tax Information:
    First screenshot of the tax information screen, highlighting the "Receive my 1098 only in electronic format" button you need to select

  6. That’s it – you are DONE!  Your name will be placed in a drawing for the one of the $100 bookstore credits to be given away to five lucky students who consented to electronic delivery.  To change consent, you can click where the red checkmark is or to confirm your electronic delivery consent look for the highlighted selection.
    Second screenshot of the tax information screen, showing where to confirm or change consent


Please note that Redlands Community College cannot give you tax advice regarding the 1098T form.  Consult with the your tax preparer for assistance in how to claim the 1098T tax credits.

What is the 1098T Form?
The 1098T Form is a Federal IRS document that is provided to students who are eligible and have paid for qualified educational expenses in the most recent calendar year.  Students who have adjustments during the most recent calendar year for the prior calendar year transactions will also receive a 1098T Form.  

This tax form only includes applicable tuition and fee payments paid out of pocket, by a third party, or by financial aid.  The 1098T tax form does not include: books, student housing, late fees, collection charges, and student conduct fines.  International student or others who do not file U.S. taxes with the IRS are most likely not eligible for a 1098T tax form.

Am I eligible to receive a 1098T Form?
A 1098T form will not be issued for:
•    Courses for which academic credit is not issued;
•    International students.
A 1098T Form will not be mailed to students who:
•    Have an address hold;
•    Have institutionally-issued ID numbers (in the format beginning with 241-00-xxxx) instead of Social Security numbers.

When will I receive my 1098T Form?
If you are eligible to receive a 1098T Form, it will be available online or mailed by January 31.  

Will I receive a 1098T Form in the mail?
If you downloaded the 1098T form online from Self-Service, you will not receive a copy in the mail.

What should I do if my 1098T Form may have incorrect information?
After receiving or downloading your 1098T Form, please ensure that your Name, Address, Social Security/Taxpayer Identification Number and information in the boxes are correct. If any of that information is incorrect, please send an email with the correct information to the Redlands Community College Business Office (Business.Office@redlandscc.edu) from your Redlands student email account. The Business Office will notify you of their findings within 2-3 business days after review.