Financial Assistance

Redlands is one of the top educational values in Oklahoma. Still, paying for college is a challenge for many. We're ready to help!

Support at every step

The process of applying for financial aid and other forms of assistance is not always clear, especially for first-generation college students.

You can find instructions and information in the links below, as well as contact information for the staff here at Redlands who can assist you personally.

Find the link to apply online for Federal education aid, information on how the Work Study program operates, and more. Learn more about Financial Aid.
Redlands can help connect you to a variety of scholarship opportunities. Find out about what scholarships you qualify for, deadlines to apply, and other information. Learn more about Scholarships.
Grants may originate from State or Federal sources, and there is more than one type of loan. We can help you get informed and make a plan. Learn more about Grants & Loans.
Redlands is uniquely structured to minimize out-of-pocket costs for Oklahoma students currently in grades 8, 9, or 10 enrolled in this tuition-free program. Learn more about Oklahoma's Promise

2021-2022 Forms

Request for Federal Direct Loan (.pdf 309K)

V1 Dependent Verification Worksheet (.pdf 733K)

V1 Independent Verification Worksheet (.pdf 699K)

V4-V5 Dependent Verification Worksheet (.pdf 920K)

V4-V5 Independent Verification Worksheet (.pdf 705K)

Resource Form (.pdf 80K)

FAFSA Signature Form (.pdf 70K)

Independent Student Status Documentation (.pdf 94K)

Marital Separation Form (.pdf 69K)

Common Law Form (.pdf 114K)

Dependency Status Review (.pdf 126K)

PLUS Loan Refund Authorization (.pdf 110K)

Request for Reconsideration (.pdf 174K)

SAP Appeal Form (.pdf 302K)

Request for Extension of Hours (.pdf 93K)

Request for Academic Plan of Improvement and Eligibility Reinstatement (.pdf 94K)

Summer 2022 Aid Request (.pdf 98K)


2020-2021 Forms

Request for Federal Direct Loan (.pdf 393K)

V1 Dependent Verification Worksheet (.pdf 874K)

V1 Independent Verification Worksheet (.pdf 691K)

V4 Dependent Verification Worksheet (.pdf 571K)

V4 Independent Verification Worksheet (.pdf 570K)

V5 Dependent Verification Worksheet (.pdf 8.32M)

V5 Independent Verification Worksheet (.pdf 806K)

Student/Parent Resource Form (.pdf 125K)

FAFSA Signature Page (.pdf 116K)

Independent Student Status Documentation (.pdf 138K)

Marital Separation (.pdf 117K)

Dependency Status Review (.pdf 170K)

PLUS Loan Refund Authorization (.pdf 158K)

Request for Reconsideration (.pdf 252K)

SAP Appeal Form (.pdf 329K)

Request for Extension of Hours (.pdf 141K)

Request for Academic Plan of Improvement and Eligibility Reinstatement (.pdf 141K)

Summer 2021 Aid Request (.pdf 139K)


Contact Us

Phone: 405.422.6250

Financial Aid Office

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Office Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
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Summer Hours:
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