Whether you love math or feel like you will never understand it, our math instructors can help you earn the degree you want and the credit you need. We offer classes that will fit your schedule in a format that can work for you, from a traditional classroom setting with daytime and evening classes to online courses. You will find a full spectrum of math courses from college algebra and trigonometry to statistics, business calculus, and calculus sequence. Do you need a refresher course or did you struggle with math in high school? We also offer developmental math classes to help you get up to speed and ready for the next level. If you aren’t sure which math class you should take, visit with an advisor or take the Accuplacer assessment test. 

Gokul Kadel, Department Head for Mathematics and Professor of Mathematics
Office: ASC-223
Dr. Gokul Kadel joined the Redlands Mathematics Department in 2018. He teaches variety of undergraduate mathematics and statistics courses offered by the department in the traditional face-to-face and online formats. Dr. Kadel earned his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Bowling Green State University, Ohio, Master of Science in Mathematics and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. His primary research interests are in the area of Functional Analysis, and he has published his research articles in renowned peer-reviewed journals and has delivered research talks in regional and national level conferences. Before joining Redlands, Dr. Kadel held the position of Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Cameron University in Lawton where he taught courses ranging from developmental to upper division mathematics while being actively involved in the department’s undergraduate research program.

Peggy Clifton, Professor of Mathematics
Office: ASC-222
Peggy Clifton earned her Master of Education degree from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and completed the majority of her undergraduate course work at Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from Oklahoma Baptist College with a minor in Mathematics. She joined Redlands in 1993 and has taught Statistics, Trigonometry, College Algebra, Basic Algebra, Intermediate Algebra and General College Math. She has also worked for various textbook publishers reviewing mathematics textbooks. Prior to teaching at Redlands, Peggy taught in private high schools in Tennessee and Oklahoma. Peggy’s mother dreamed of becoming a teacher and inspired her daughters to pursue teaching. Peggy’s three sisters, brother-in-law, and niece are all educators at the college or high school level. Peggy enjoys cross-stitch, her flower garden, church, traveling with her husband and spoiling her grandchildren.

Lisa Kastl, Professor of Mathematics
Office: ASC-221
Lisa Kastl earned a Master of Education from the University of Central Oklahoma, and she holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University. She didn’t use her engineering degree for long, but did meet her husband in a course called Design Stress Analysis, so the four and a half years wasn’t entirely wasted. Before coming to Redlands in 2014, she was a manager at Seagate Technology, a computer disc drive manufacturer. Her team managed the Learning Management system that serviced more than 50,000 employees all over the world, and also created and deployed both synchronous and asynchronous online learning. Prior to her time at Seagate, she was an adjunct Math and Engineering professor at Redlands. Her hobbies include her granddaughter, Wilsy (she's less a hobby, and more a profession) and knitting for her family.

Placement Tests

To help you succeed in your math courses, you can take an ACCUPLACER® test to find out which math course is right for you. Some math classes also have prerequisite courses that you must pass before you can take other classes. Before enrolling in one of these courses, you may need to pass a placement test. These tests can be taken in the Academic Center for Enhancement (ACE). Please visit the ACE testing site for more information about scheduling a test.