Business Administration Technology Associate in Applied Science

General Requirements: Total Hours: 61 • Minimum GPA: 2.0
Program Description: The Associate in Applied Science degree in Business Administration Technology is designed to prepare students for entry into careers in various areas of Business Administration.

General Education Requirements:    19 hours
Area Min. Hours Course Code Course Description
Communications 6 ENGL 1113 English Composition I
    ENGL 1213 English Composition II
    SPCH 1113 Fundamentals of Speech
Social Science 6 HIST 1483 or HIST 1493 U.S. HIST to 1877 or U.S. HIST 1877-Pres
    POLS 1113 U.S. Government 
Selected General Ed Requirements 6 BISC, BOT, CHEM, HUM, MUS, ART, PSY, SOC, GEG, PHSC, GEOL, ASTR
Institutional Requirement 1 COL    1111 College Success
Program Core Requirement:   42 hours
Math 3 MATH 1303 or MATH 1513 General Quantitative Reasoning or College Algebra
Speech 3 SPCH  1113 or SPCH 2133 Fundamentals of Speech or Interpersonal Communications
Computer Science 3 CMSC 1223 Business Applications Software
Business/Management/Marketing 15 BUS 1103 Introduction to Business
    BUS 1353 Business Ethics
    BUS 2093 Business Communications
    MGMT 2033 Principles of Management
    MRKT 2323 Principles of Marketing
Economics 9 ECON 1353 Personal Finance
    ECON 2193 Principles of Macroeconomics
    ECON 2203 Principles of Microeconomics
Accounting 6 ACCT 2173 Financial Accounting
    ACCT 2183 Managerial Accounting    
Electives 3 BUS 2163 or Business Law or
    MGMT 2103 or Occupational/Technical Internship or
    MGMT 2143 Business Leadership


Plan of Study

Course Code Course Description Hours
Freshman 1st Semester
ENGL 1113* English Composition I 3
HIST 1483 or HIST 1493* U.S. HIST to 1877 or U.S. HIST 1877-Pres 3
MATH 1303 or MATH 1513** Gen Quantitative Reasoning or College Algebra 3
COL 1111* College Success 1
BUS 1103** Intro to Business 3
Selected General Ed Requirement* (choose 1) BISC, BOT, CHEM, HUM, MUS, GEOL, ASTR, ART, PSY, SOC, SPCH, GEG, PHSC 3
Total 16
Freshman 2nd Semester
ENGL 1213* English Composition II 3
POLS 1113* U.S. Government 3
CMSC 1223** Business Applications Software 3
ECON 1353** Personal Finance 3
Selected General Ed Requirement* (choose 1) BISC, BOT, CHEM, HUM, MUS, GEOL, ASTR, ART, PSY, SOC, SPCH, GEG, PHSC  3
Total 15
Sophomore 1st Semester
ACCT 2173** Financial Accounting 3
SPCH 1113 or SPCH 2133** Fund. of Speech or Interpersonal Comm. 3
ECON 2193** Principles of Macroeconomics 3
BUS 2103** Business Ethics 3
MRKT 2323** Principles of Marketing 3
Total 15
Sophomore 2nd Semester
BUS 2093** Business Communications 3
MGMT 2033** Principles of Management 3
ECON 2203** Principles of Microeconomics 3
ACCT 2183** Managerial Accounting 3
MGMT 2103 or MGMT 2143 or BUS 2163*** Occup/Tech Intern or Business Leadership or Business Law 3
Total 15

NOTE:  * = General Education Requirement ** = Program Core Requirement and *** = Option Requirement

Program Outcomes

Business Program

Mission Statement:  
The mission of the Business department at Redlands Community College is to impact students’ lives by:  

Integrity: provide a motivational, fair setting to learning - learning business and learning life
Mission: start a career of academic and career success - filled with wisdom and confidence
Professionalism: serving in a professional manner learning by example
Accountability: accountable for the quality of teaching and learning
Caring: small class sizes allow for caring on an individual basis
Teamwork: faculty are the captains and students the team members of a winning season every semester

Program Outcomes and Measurements:  
I.    Illustrate effective communication in business writingMeasured by;
a.    Write a resume and cover letter

II.    Demonstrate skills and techniques necessary to use technology to create business documents.
Measured by;
a.    Design an excel document

III.    Use decision – support tools
Measured by; 
a.    Financial statement analysis project

IV.    Identify and explain introductory concepts of accounting
Measured by; 
a.    Pre-test
b.    Post-test